Pride:MK is proud to bring you a different kind of Pride this year.

Our goal with Pride:MK is to engage with and empower the local LGBTQ+ community. This includes our allies who are an important part of challenging discrimination of our community. We will do that by creating a free and safe space to celebrate our contributions to Milton Keynes, by improving visibility and education around LGBTQ+ issues, and by building healthy relationships between the communities in Milton Keynes.

We also want to share our Pride of our community itself, 95%of our artists performing are all from the LGBTQ+ community and we have actively sought LGBTQ+ owned businesses or businesses that have a strong LGBTQ+ support structure to be a part of our event. There will be volunteering roles and some work experience available for the local community.

The event will take on a more adult theme from 6pm, under 18s will not be allowed in the main stage tent after 8pm this is due to the adult content of the acts not being suitable for children. Everyone is welcome to stay on the rest of the site but to be aware that this time is allocated to over 18s. The committee felt that this way we can make ALL of our community feel they can attend as they are but at the appropriate time. 

We are keeping the event to one area that is fenced to make sure when people arrive they feel safe, this does mean no parade but if you want to walk around the event in Pride then please do! We have made sure that our LGBTQ+ and ally families are welcome with a family area which will also have a sensory tent for those who may need a bit of time out. Fur babies (dogs) are also most welcome on a lead at all times. The family area will be open until 6pm and until this time everyone is expected to be mindful that young children will be present.


The theme for event is also about past, present and future and we have a wonderful local artist who has designed some amazing T-Shirts of iconic figures from the community which all volunteers will be wearing, you can purchase them on the day. The event is designed to have a festival feel to it with, workshops, community groups, theatre show, comedians and just a little bit of cheese. We want people to feel relaxed to be there and enjoy themselves, maybe make some new friends?!

For those of you who like to go out out! The afterparty will be at Pink Punters as the Pride event closes at 10:30pm, if you want to carry on we have you covered! You will likely see the committee there with a well earned drink alongside some artists to celebrate our day.

There has been a wonderful response from local businesses and community partners so please do have a look at our sponsor page, this event could not have happened without them. It is a free event because they have invested in the day, even this website was given for the event. Q:alliance have used their infrastructure to facilitate and oversee the event which has helped to build good community relationships and also trust, in how the event will be managed.

As this event is a safe space for all any form of Homophobia, Transphobia, Biphobia, Racism, Disability discrimination or other discriminatory behaviours against anyone in the event, will not be tolerated and perpetrators will be escorted from the event. The committee has worked hard to try and make the event as accessible as possible, please see Accessibility page.

There is further information throughout the website regarding the event so please have a look through and don’t forget to let us know if you are attending…. Have a happy Pride people! and we look forward to welcoming you to Campbell park on the 14th September 2019


Committee members and advisors

Chairman Helen Pritchard
Treasurer Wayne Reid
Corporate Engagement Manager TJ Richards
Music & Entertainment Manager Charlene Carr
Volunteer Co-ordinator Laura Farrell
Safeguarding Tash Darling
Coordinator / Advisor Keith Emmett
Advisor Tam Smith
T- shirt design Rob Sexton
Secretary Tammy Sydee